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    how can i apply 3d rotation to image around a circular path

    martingr Level 1

      I have been using the animation preset "3D Rotate around circle" for

      3D text animation and getting some good results (with text).


      However as the 'preset' only works with text I'm trying to recreate

      the effect manually, so it can be applied to .jpg or .png images/logos etc;


      Basically we want the graphic to appear as if it's orbiting another

      object in 3D space - it follows an elliptical path, getting smaller as

      it 'moves' further away and larger as it 'moves' closer...(it also

      has to be mirrored as it moves to the opposite side of the circle) 

      I can get an image to follow a motion path Ok but getting the

      it to automatically appear in perspective is tricky!?

      Thanks for any help or suggestions.