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    Watermark-Lost a Possible Customer



      I checked the "contact us" link and it took me in so many circles I got dizzy. I never got a place to "contact YOU". I have been producing videos for over 4 years and have been using Videostudio for 3 of those years. A friend of mine uses Adobe Effects PE and I thought I would download it and give it a spin. I thought your 30 day trial was a fully fictunal working version as stated, but when I started a project I saw a watermark (that is NOT a fully working version that is a "colored" statement) So I thought I would research it and found that you DO NOT offer a fully working 30 day trial. When I first wanted to try Videostudio I downlaoded their 30 day trial and was impressed. You see Corel really did give me a 30 day trial, no watermark, no nothing. Granted after 30 days it would no longer function, but they allowed me as a customer to try a FULLY working version. So I bought it that year, the next and the next. When I saw my firend using AEPE I thought it looks impressive so after seeing that you offered a FULLY working 30 day trial I thought hay I can see what a finished project looks like, but alas the statement was incorrect, a watermark. Before I saw the watermark I was considering that if this one project worked out I would pay the small fee and finish a wedding I am working on. But that watermark does not allow me to try before I buy a fully working version. Point is I will now uninstall this application and never buy it and I will never suggest anyone buy it. I may just give a copy of Videostudio to my firend and encourage him to quit using this. Why? Because what you stated and what I saw were not the same. I made my choice to buy Videostudio because they really did mean what they stated and they know their product is so good that they trust a FULLY WORKING 30 day trial in the hands of their customers.

      Nevertheless, I will not buy this and I will uninstall it.

      Just to note I never carried out my 30 days with Videostudio, I bought only after 5 days of install and playing with it. In fact all software that I get to try before I buy I have never carried out the whole trial period. This is a huge let down and, well I have said enough, off my soap box I step.