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    Help with transfering to ereader


      I have an Archos e reader.  I have downloaded Adobe Digital Edition, in my name and password.  My daughter bought a compatable format book from ebooks, in her name and password.  The download to Adobe went well.  Her ereader is viewed in the "Library".  When we tryed to click and drag the book to her ereader we get an error message that it does not have permission to copy.   I am new at this.  Any idea what went wrong

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          Each ebook has a set of permissions that the publisher sets up.  You can see

          them if you put your cursor on the ebook's avatar in ADE's Library view.  A

          small arrow will appear in the upper left hand corner, and if you click on

          it, you'll see a choice for 'Item Info'.  Clicking on this line will show

          you what the publisher's permissions are.  In this case, it sounds like the

          publisher is permitting only one download, and no copying to another





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            In order to fix this error please follow the steps as given below.


            Solution 1) Delete old copy of book and redownload the book once again.


            Solution 2) Modify the manifest.xml file located in C:\Usres\Username\My Documents\My Digital Editions:
            1) Quit Digital Editions
            2) Make a backup copy of the manifest.xml (call it something like manifest.good)
            3) Open manifest.xml in notepad
            4) It will appears as one big long line of xml, and you are looking for a tag called  start at the begginning of this
                and select until you the end of the tag that looks called </de:Knowndevice>
            5) If you have attached more than one Reader there may be multiple of these.  Delete all of them to make sure.
            6) Save the file (manifest.xml) and quit out of notepad
            7) Ensure you have the Reader plugged in
            8) Launch Digital Editions
            9) The Device Setup Assitant should come up.
              a) Do NOT click on the "Don't ask again for this device" checkbox.
              b) Do click on the "Authorize Device" button.


            Solution 3)    1) Open Digital Editions.
                                2) Connect the Reader and open it.
                                3) Press the keys Ctrl + Shift + E  on your keyboard.
                                4) Now unplug the Reader and replug it.
                                5) There you will find a new drive created similar to C or D drive under "My computer".
                                6) Open the Readers Drive and you will find a folder with name adobe.digital.editions.
                                7) Delete this folder and plug off and re plug in the Reader.
                                8) Authorize Reader from the same Adobe ID which you used to Authorize Adobe Digital Editions.


            I hope this will help you.!!!