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    Best workflow for dvd from hd footage


      Hi I've been looking through this forum and have been a little confused if I am using the best workflow for quality.


      Footage I am working with for this project is 720p shot on a canon A1 I believe (not sure because the client can't get in touch with photographer after receiving the raw video) but I do know the footage is 1280 by 720 at 30fps


      my workflow was to edit the project on its native timeline and export matching sequence then bring into encore to burn the dvd...


      Everything seemed to work just fine but was wondering if I should have converted it in AME or if I should have even edited the project on a SD timeline seeing the client just wants the project in SD DVD.





      I also used the footage to try and test out Blu ray for fun and ran into some problems playing it on a samsung blu ray player.

      I used dynamic link and sent it to encore with all the blu ray settings and it burned with no error. 

      not sure if it is a firmware problem with the player or if I should have used premier or AME to encode to h264 blu ray before bringing into encore.


      I just finished exporting the h264 bluray from premier and plan on burning that to see if it fixes that problem tomorrow at the local best buy.


      my current set up is:


      windows 7 64bit

      intel i7 core x980 3.33

      12 gb ram

      gtx 470 card


      adobe cs5 production premium



      Sony nx-5u

      Canon t2i