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    Steve Hyland

      I've been getting Runtime Errors on the above application for sometime.   


      I've Googled the problem and see that it's been around since about 2006 (probably longer), but I've not seen a definitive solution - particularly not from Adobe. 


      I've not pursued the issue because the Runtime Error often disappears on reopening the application (sometimes more than once is needed) - and once I've used the application any problems I've had in getting to that point diminish in importance.


      But it's happening so frequently that I'm close to fed up! 


      I don't care whether this is an Adobe problem or a Microsoft problem (I've seen MS blamed in some blogs).  The bottom line is: it's a problem that has been affecting the Adobe Reader FOR YEARS!!!


      If no-one is going to fix it - or offer a simple, straight forward solution - then I'll turn to the Foxit Reader (which doesn't give me problems and seems to offer the functionality that Adobe does)!