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    Adobe Reader X fast web view problem

    Maguyver F.



      When I try to open a PDF with several pages from the web using Adobe Reader X, fast web view function seems not working while I could only view it after download of the whole file completed. Checked and confirmed that "Allow fast web view" selected in the Reader, as well as the PDF file being tested support such function. Here's my OS and software environment:

      - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with SP1

      - Internet Explorer v8.0.7601.17514

      - Adobe Reader X v10.0.1

      I tried several scenario as below:

      - Disable "Display PDF in browser", no improvement

      - Uninstall Reader X and install Reader 9, test on the same PDF and fast web view working properly

      - Uninstall Reader 9 and install Reader X again, same problem happen again

      - Install Reader X on a freshly installed Windows XP with SP3, same problem appears


      Does anyone experience the same issue? Or any ideas \ solutions? Many thanks.



      Maguyver F.