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    Implement interface in compiled module


      Hey guys,


      Could someone looks at what I'm missing here...it could just be a file in the wrong place, I just haven't used this practice in Flex before:


      I have a main application that loads a module via ModuleLoader.

      I have created an interface to communicate between the two.

      The module implements the interface using the "implements" attribute in the module tag, with the full path to the interface "com.webtop.vtribes.installer.IFTPBrowser"

      The module and the interface are in the same folder location.


      The problem is, when I try to complile the module, I get: Error: Interface IFTPBrowser was not found.

      If I move the interface to the lib folder, I am then not sure how to reference it in the implements attribute, or even if that will make a difference.


      Any help is much appreciated...as are best practices and not hacks