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    Adobe Reader X save location issue


      Hi All, i would like to seek expert helps on Adobe Reader save location issues. After we upgrade from Adobe Reader 9 to Adobe Reader X.

      There are changes on how save location works in Adobe Reader X


      If save PDF via Internet Explorer – the save location will according to last save location, HOWEVER

      If save PDF via Adobe Reader X – the save location will set according to location the file is being open


      Let me show you what i mean over the pictures

      I open a reader_X_help.pdf using Adobe Reader X and then save the file using Ctrl+Shift+S at: C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\My last location save

      refer my last save location.jpg

      my last save location.jpg


      Now i want to save another new file back to C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\My last location save, I open the file Adobe file2.pdf located at desktop and when i do Ctrl+Shift+S, the location point to my desktop and not C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\My last location save


      refer my last save location change to desktop.jpg

      my last save location change to desktop.jpg

      I have tested this features in Adobe Reader 9 and it's different whereby it's will point according to my last location save.


      There is no issue with computer as i have 3 machine running different enviroment, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 Enterprise, and all using same version of Adobe Reader X version 10.0.1.


      So my questions & concern:

      Is there any way to change the save location features same as Adobe Reader 9?

      If YES, how to do it? By Computer Changes or Adobe Reader X packages modification using Adobe Customization tools?


      If NO, Where can i find this source of documentation stated about this new changes so i can publish this information in HP website as new design changes to avoid complaint or negative feedback.


      Looking forward for expert reply as soon.

      Thank you very much and Have a great day.


      Best Regards

      Edmund Lau

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          I also would like to change the default save to location.  When saving multiple documents the previous Adobe Reader would use the save-as location of the first document saved which decreased the amount of clicking around to find the same location for the 2nd, 3rd, and so on documents.

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            We have also experienced this same issue and would like to know how to specify a default folder location.  Please

            let me know if you receive an answer to this inquiry.


            David Logan


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              Solved it!




              1-go to "edit", select Preferences.


              2-select from the left pane: Security (enhanced)


              3-click on "add folder path" button just below the big white box


              4-pick a folder of your choice and click "ok". (your selected folder path will appear in that white box above the "add folder path" button in step 3)


              5-if you want to add additional folders, just repeat steps 3 & 4


              6-once you are done, click "ok" on the preferences screen and click "ok" again to accept the changes.




              Yes, it seems illogical, but it worked.


              I tested by closing the Reader (X), then surfed the web and did what Neher5 was explaining he/she wanted to do just after opening a pdf from a website and lo-and-behold,  it worked!. No more "save to temp folder" issues.




              Hope this helps.