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    How to make same binaries using mxmlc, without timestamp?


      It seems like mxmlc generates different binary even when the source code is not changed.

      for, example,


      // Test.as



          public class Test { }



      and when i run mxmlc like this :

      mxmlc Test.as -output case1.swf

      mxmlc Test.as -output case2.swf


      and case1.swf and case2.swf is different!

      I found that mxmlc sets metadata and some timestamp in .swf file,


      I could get the same binary by "unpacking" .swf, removing timestamp, and manually re-pack it.

      ( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5632318/mxmlc-generates-different-binary-on-same-source )

      But it'll be happier when there is a special switch which generates same binary data ( That means, if mxmlc removes all timestamp and metadata which generated in compile time ) !

      Is there any way to do it, or should i build specialized mxmlc compiler?