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    Exporting video from flash




      I've read various online docs but am still unclear on exporting to video format in my particular circumstances.


      My flash file contains only one frame, with an flv component, a movie clip and as3 code prompting various animations based on the cue points contained in the flv file.


      I've tried exporting to .mov using both export options ( "when last frame is reached" and "setting duration of the flv video" ) and in both cases the export is not successful.


      My question is: Given my particular setup - is this actually possible ?


      Many thanks in advance

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Did you create this file yourself or is it some type of template?

          If it's using a FLVPlayback component, then you don't want to "export" anything, you simple "Publish" or "Test" (Control/Enter) to produce a .swf.

          This is the player for the video file. And I'm just assuming that the movie clip is to hold the various animations that are triggered by the cue points?

          So you would have your main "Player" .swf file, an external actual .flv video file, plus a number of other external movie clip animations that get loaded in as the cue points call for them.

          So I don't see why you would be exporting anything, just Publish the .swf.

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            qpidity72 Level 1



            I created the .fla myself, it is not a template. The resuultant SWF is perfect for upload to a website - which was the original brief. However the client has now also requested a .mov format for other additional uses, including upload to youtube. Is this possible with the setup I have ?


            Thanks again

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              adninjastrator Level 4

              Not really, at least as you currently are attempting.

              The resulting .swf works well because it's bringing in those external assets, the .flv and animations at runtime and these are not included if you "export" as .mov.

              Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish is to run the .swf on your desktop and use a screen capture to record the entire sequence. Then save that file in whatever format you like.

              Use something like Camtasia


              Best wishes,