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    FB 4.5 is buggy


      I need to get this of my chest.


      I'm working on my first big FB project. Multiple multitouch AIR apps with pc's communicating in a network with each other and even vending machines. Is going to be a nice showcase for Adobe when I get this working.


      To try and find what the problems are I got me a new machine, clean Windows 7, enough memory, no other apps.


      Same problems as before on my other developmachine.


      FB 4.5  does not show new edits when running the app.

      Need to clean the project before running. Sometimes twice...

      F3 (Open declaration) only works for skin definitions,, not for functions after a while.


      And then things like new components not being backwards compatible with old ones (datagrid).


      I hope I get this project finished in time but it's maybe the last one I do in Flash Builder.

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          Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee



          I'm assuming this is related to http://forums.adobe.com/message/3694765#3694765


          We haven't been able to reproduce this issue at our end. It may be something that is very specific to your project or development setup.


          If you share your project with us, we can help you out more. (I know that can be hard to make time for when you are running against a deadline)


          Could you also post the contents of your Flash Builder log file (yourworkspace\.metadata\.log) here?