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    Filters are not working on resulting image smaller than 8191x2048


      I have created AIR application using SDK 3.5 over the Flash Builder 4, and I am targeting AIR player 1.5.3. I have large text where user can apply outline. And to apply outline I am using Glow Filter, but somehow it is not working for texts which are too large but smaller than required size which is 8191x2048.


      I am wondering why it is not working even if it is mentioned in Adobe Official site.


      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/filters/GlowFilte r.html

      "A filter is not applied if the resulting image exceeds the maximum dimensions.  In  AIR 1.5 and Flash Player 10, the maximum is 8,191 pixels in width or height,   and the total number of pixels cannot exceed 16,777,215 pixels. (So, if an image is 8,191 pixels   wide, it can only be 2,048 pixels high.) In Flash Player 9 and earlier and AIR 1.1 and earlier,   the limitation is 2,880 pixels in height and 2,880 pixels in width.  For example, if you zoom in on a large movie clip with a filter applied, the filter is   turned off if the resulting image exceeds the maximum dimensions."


      If I remove the glow filter then it works.


      Can any one suggest/advice, how the filter limit is not extended even if I am using proper SDK and AIR player.


      Any help will be highly appriciated.