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    Newbie question! What is one of these called?




      I work for a small charity and we want to create a little 'facts' box on our home page that draws from a pool of facts and displays each one for a couple of minutes. I 'd like it so that if the person clicked on a fact more information about that fact would appear.


      It might something similar to an advertising banner with a different purpose?


      I am really new to this and don't have alot of time!


      Does anyone know what this sort of thing might be called? or know where I might find a template I can use to start me in the right direction?


      Any help or advice would be much appreciated.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The closest thing too what you describe would seem to be a slideshow.  So you should try Googling "Flash AS3 slideshow tutorial".  The catch in what you described is the clicking aspect, which while not really a problem to implement if you know what you're doing, is not likely to be included in a tutorial for a slideshow.  If you have no experience with Flash, and you don't have alot of time, you should see if you can find something ready-made that you can purchase.

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