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    MY New i72600k

    Dan Furious

      1st i would like to thank all for the great advice and especially Rjl and bill for taking the time to direct me in the light


      so am not sure what else do i need to try to do the PPBENCH but i would love to try and join in on the war between SANDYB with the new mobo of P8Z68  so Here is the new system i just finished getting all today after a week of nightmare Bothe system have same config except the mobo  i just ddint put it together yet


      --sys--                                                             --sys 2 same but with " GIGABYTE Z68X-UD5-B3--


      Asus P8Z68-V-Pro

      16G Ram Vengance 1600

      GTX 470

      Antec High current 900



      1x CORSAIR F60 SSD

      1x samsung 64gb SSD

      2x 1TB spinpoint F3 7200

      2x 2TB Hitachi 5k3000 deskstar


      1x  500gb 7200 rpm

      2x  500gb 5900 rpm

      1x  750gb 5900 rpm  can change this to 500gb 5900 to have 3x 500gb 5900

      2x 2tb external





      --an overkill with the cooling but maybe I can get your guys advice and help  to overclock this baby to the max--

      1 Gigabyte Galaxy 3d cooling system "moded"

      1 Cor h60 "moded"

      1 more System i put together


      Cpu Cooler

      GTX470 full Card Covered 

      Mobo coolers

      4 x HD coolers which i just ordered today

      4x Ram coolers

      And what will be your opinion on  using swifteck GPU ram coolers at the  back metal tray  of mobo to see if cooling the metal can make any diffrence