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    calendar idea please help.

    miguel8312 Level 3

      guys im building a web app using flex 4.5 and now i need a calendar with some

      simple functionality. i would like to be able to query the database and show that values on the calendar. I'm thinkin i can use some kind of skin on the spark grid. but im not sure. does anyone have any idea how to tackle this? or any examples on the web. I would greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.


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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          I can selfishly say; try the Flextras Calendar Component:



          Here are A bunch of samples:


          Free developer editions are available, so you can download them and test drive the Calendar to see how it works for your app.


          It provides a week view, month view, and day view.  It will conform to your dataProvider, and the use of renderers gives you complete control.

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            miguel8312 Level 3

            thanks jeffrey for the suggestion i really appreciated. my I ask you another question.  would you happen to know how in the datechooser component to set certain date visible and other not visible. Ive been playing with disable ranges and disable days but it does not look like this is what im looking for.

            Im looking to say

            disable jun 5 2011 and disable august 5 2011.

            any idea how i can do that?

            Thanks in advance


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              ssardar Level 1

              If you can give some examples as to what you are trying to do, it would be helpful.


              I've gotten DateChooser to do certain things in flex 3 without 3rd party extensions.




              to light up dates


              make sure you have this set on your DateChooser Object.









              Then assuming you have your dates in an array. Loop through it and assign the dates that corrolate for the given month/year


              and add them to an new arrayCollection of Date objects, in a class that has values for rangeStart and rangeEnd  like this:




              var tRange:RangeVO = new RangeVO();


              var dt:Date = parseDates(strDate);


              tRange.rangeStart = dt;

              tRange.rangeEnd = dt;





              ** if your dates/events span multiple days then obviously set the rangeEnd accordingly, mine were all one day events.



              then when you have all the dates sorted that you want to add:




              this.dc.selectedRanges = dtRange.toArray();

              this.dc.validateNow();  (You may need this to see a difference)




              dc being your dateChooser object.


              and that should highlight all your dates on the calendar.


              If you are looking to display non-date info...look at using tool tips when you mouse over the specific dates.


              Hope that helps some....I have not upgraded to 4.5 yet os there may be an easier way to do this.



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                ssardar Level 1

                Don't quote me on this one, (I'll try it later) but if memory serves, when I was initially playing with this


                dc.disableRanges should work in the same fashion as I showed above.

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                  miguel8312 Level 3

                  Thanks for the response ill give those a try. thought im working on flex 4.5 it should still work the same as flex 3 because this component is a halo component not spark.

                  I'll try what you suggested and let you know by tonight it worked.

                  I try something like this. but i get an error.





                  startDateInput.disabledRanges[rangeStart:new Date(_StartDate), rangeEnd:new Date(_EndDate)];

                  where the _startDate var and the _EndDate var are the beg and end day respectfully.

                  i get an compiler error that says

                  access of undefined property rangeEnd.

                  Ill keep banging my head on this one.


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                    JeffryHouser Level 4

                    you'll want to play around with the disabledRanges property:

                    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/mx/controls/DateChooser .html#disabledRanges


                    Although, you may need to extend the component to get the exact functionality you want.  It appears to focus on a range, with a start date and end date.


                    I want to add, in case there was any confision, that a Calendar component is very different than a DateChooser component.  The Flextras Calendar displays your data in a calendar style.  The DateChooser does not display any data, it is primarily for choosing dates.

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