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    Alphabetize TOC in Robo 9


      Hi there


      I just download a try Robo 9 to see if my problem with alphabetize TOC was "Fix" in Robo 9.


      When i use the drag and drop from Project manager to TOC Pods - My TOC is in the file order and not in alphabetic. what am i missing


      I had a idea that you could create TOC alpabetize but what am i missing ?


      My project is a R5 convertet to 8 and then 9.


      hope the forum can help.



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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Shouldn't your name be Jack in the Box? Instead of asking in a related thread, you created a post at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/855651?tstart=0 and now you are popping up here.


          When you drag from the topic list, the TOC order will be whatever you create. You can insert a topic between others, add it at the end, the beginning and all points north and south.


          I have a feeling there is something about your problem that I am not following.


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            (MightyJack) Level 1

            Hi Peter



            Sorry, I dit't try to continue the old thread but – noting happened..


            I think that you are right about problem...


            I have an old Robohelp 5 project with 30.000 files in, and when i open it in RobbHelp 8 it looks fine. When i look at the TOC - If i look fine. Then i have to chance a lot of titles and create / Update TOC  then it is not in alphabetic order. I have read you ( very good web site ) and got the feeling that this was a problem with RoboHelp 8. I tried  to chance the order in the Project Management to alphabetic. It do not make a change... to alphabetic order even if the Project Manager is correct.

            I have look at the "MyProject.hhc" and can se the order different in Robohelp5 and RoboHelp 8 files. It look like RoboHelp is doing it different than RoboHelp 8


            By the way I export to webhelp.


            My TOC are build with one topfolder – Software, then a subfolder with – InDesign, – Illustartor, –Photoshop. In the – InDesign supfolder i have files about text, font, pictures etc..


            So if i have to move the all the file in Project Manager, i have to chance file at the last level. The pictures file is before the font files.



            I would like to create a TOC in alphabetic order even if my project files have a different order or to update my TOC with out rewriting a new TOC.


            So what do i do wrong - how do i solve this problem or is it my who got it wrong ?


            I have wonder if was easer to chance the  "MyProject.hhc" in a text editor and if is possible ?


            best regards


            /Jack in the Box

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              In Project Manager you can sort your topics by custom order or alphabetically. Behind the scenes Rick Stone has been looking at how the auto-create feature works according to how PM is sorted and so have I. The short answer it always generates the TOC according to the sort order, no matter what is displayed in PM. In earlier versions auto-create gave you an alphabetical TOC but that changed when the PM had custom order added.


              So that is the way it works in 9 and you cannot change it via the interface. I haven't looked at whether the order can be changed via the HHC if edited in a text editor. By far the safest way is as in the original post you found. Display PM in alphabetical order and drag the topics to the TOC editor in that order.


              Sorry but that's the way it is.


              Please follow this link and submit a feature request.




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                (MightyJack) Level 1

                Thanks for the help..


                I have reguested a Alfabetic TOC option in RoboHelp.


                I am happy for you reply.





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                  I'm also trying to autocreate a TOC in alphanumeric order. I have a project with about 2000 topics with numeric names.
                  I still don't understand how to define the custom order. If I search for "custom order" or "custom sort" in RH Help, the only results refer to this thread or the similiar thread about alphabetizing the TOC in RH 8.

                  By the way, if you need to create a TOC manually in alphanumeric order, it is faster to select all the topics from the topic list and drag and drop into the TOC, rather than dragging the topics one at a time from the PM.