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    Screen Help


      I cannot understand how to create my project using the green screen.  I have a video shot with a green screen behind the person, I can eliminate the green screen but cannot get my replacement background to show up in the video.  The background is a brick wall and at certain settings I can get part the brick showing and part of the person but no clear definition of person and background separately.  If anyone knows how to do this...HELP!  I have tried YouTube but cannot find a useful video for help.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You don't say what exactly you're doing or if you're using Videomerge or Chrom Key, but basically:


          1) Your new background goes on Video 1

          2) Your foreground video goes on Video 2, directly above your first clip on your timeline

          3) Apply a key effect to the videon Video 2 and fine tune the adjustments


          If you apply Videomerge, most of the keying will happen automatically. You may just need to right-click on the clip on your timeline and select Show Properties to fine tune the tolerance.


          If you apply Chroma Key or the Green Screen Key effect, right-click on the clip and select Show Properties. Use the eyedropper to select your background's green color and then fine tune the other adjustments.


          If you're interested, I show you step by step how to use every tool in the program in my books and tutorials, available on Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.

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            bearsmaggie Level 1

            Thanks Steve, I will give it a try.  I have tried videomerge and chrom key and have not had success yet.  I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks again, claudia