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    Very sluggish timeline response with avchd & 990x + 24G RAM+ 580gtx?

    Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

      Hi All,


      Following months of research and now recently purchasing the components , I have just built the following spec machine to edit AVCHD. 990x + 24G Corsair dominator RAM + 10K velociraptor OS drive + asus rampage 3 extreme + 6 x1T 7200 rpm Seagate barracudas (that were meant to be in raid 5 but I just cant get the software RAID to operate).


      I have imported about an hour of avchd footage onto the timeline and when I click in different places  on the timeline the video preview takes close to a second to update. When I scrub the timeline its just not clean and seems to be laboring.


      When I did the same test with DV footage captured from my PD170 the system is perfectly responsive.


      I set up the drives as C: OS + CS5

                                     6 x 1T sata 7200rpm seagate barracudas, and I have set Video previews, Audio previews, Footage, Project file, etc each to its own clean separate drive.


      This is a brand new clean system with only windows 7 and purchased version of CS5.5 installed.


      A) Please can someone help me work through this AVCHD response issue?

      B) Would it help the timeline response to get the software RAID 5 up and running on the 6 x 1T 7200 rpm drives? if so please help with guidence on this becuase whenever I have tried to set up the array in the BIOS, when I boot into windows 7 it wants to initialise the disk.

      Raid Volume has failed.PNGvolume initialization in progress 2.PNG


      After a few hours one of the disks come up as failed. ( I have tried replacing with new drives, but the process repeats itself)


      My goal is that I really need to be able to edit AVCHD footage with near instant timeline response. 


      Thanks very much

      Kind regards

      Anthony Freeman