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    Upgrading from an hobbyist configuration to a more serious multicam ...


      Hi everybody,


      This forum has been a tremendous help for me those last couple  months, thanks again for all your astute and kind advices. (especially  Harm and Bill)
      I hope you can give me a hand regarding the following:
      (Sorry for this long introduction, but i guess it's better to have a specific idea of the needs and workflow in order to provide advices )


      I started to use PPCS5 about a year ago (CS5.5 now), mostly as a  hobbyist, editing various types of projects with various types of  cameras.
      Here is the configuration i built last year, and happily used since: (My PPBM5 results are not great, but i didn't really OC nor tune the PC , and didn't need too anyway.)


      -MB: Asus P6 x58D Premium
      -CPU: i7-920
      -DDR3 Corsair dominator 6x2GB (12GB)
      -PSU: Corsair 850W
      -GPU: Nvidia GTX 285
      -OS-programs disk:  WD Velociraptor 10.000 150GB
      -Other disks: WD Caviar Black 500GB x 3 (Media-Projects /Cache-Pagefile/ Export)
      -Win7 64bit
      -Automatic backups on a NAS


      Now, I am shifting from hobbyist to a small production, with  different needs and a specific use, so will need to upgrade this  configuration.
      To give you a more precise idea, we intend to shoot instruction videos (fitness) we put online weekly.


      - Media will be exclusively DSLR (7D) H.264 footage (1080 24fps)
      - Almost exclusively multicam workflow (3 to 4)
      - FX will be basic, mostly some color/contrast correction, simple titles
      - Output will be for internet streaming, mainly H.264 mp4 downed to 720 (kind of the Vimeo format)
      - Roughly 3 videos of 40-50 minutes per week


      I need a reliable configuration i can use for about a year from now. Further on, i may change the camera type or workflow, so i don't really need a future-proof upgrade.
      As you can see above, this is fairly intensive in "quantity" and conversion, but not so much in "quality".


      Ideally, i would upgrade the CPU, DDR, GPU and setup a nice Raid array with Areca card (Harm's style)
      But then i will have to change the case, the PSU...well pretty much buy a whole new PC...
      Honneslty, i don't mind so much the investment (now that it is for "work" i have a good excuse for my wife eheheh )
      but for a year or so of use, and regarding my needs, i bet there is a smarter option.


      What do you think i should upgrade as a priority for this type of use?
      CPU & Memory ? or Disks speed ?(small Raid 0 array or bigger one)


      Either way, i'll put a better GPU , like a GTX480 or 580


      Any advice would be most welcome !!! Thank you !!!