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    format the Related Topics found dialog box


      Greetings -

      I'm using RH8 to generate WebHelp. I want to change the format of the dialog box that displays the Related Topics found (screen shot below). I'd like to change the blue as well as the gray background. Can I do this from within RH8 or is there another way to do it?

      Thanks for your help!

      - Beth


      forum post - colors on Related Topics dialog box.jpg

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5



          You can accomplish this by editing the styling in the function _PopupMenu_Invoke_2 in ehlpdhtm.js. (AFAIK, this cannot be done in the RoboHelp interface, but I would like to hear I'm wrong though.) Try searching for BGCOLOR in the script and apply the colours you want.





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            eporter55 Level 1

            Thank you! I'll give it a try and let you know if I have any other questions.

            Appreciate your help!




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              eporter55 Level 1

              Thanks again for your suggestion. Today, I finally got back to working on RH8 issues and took a look at the function _PopupMenu_Invoke_2. In the code for that function, I found two instances of BGCOLOR and I've copied the surrounding code below. Unless I'm mistaken, this portion of the code does not control the color that I want to change, which is the blue border that appears around the Related Topics pop-up box (shown in the screen shot in my original post).


              Was I looking at the wrong area of the code? I'm wondering if I need to look at something that sets the table style that's mentioned in the code below. I don't see any color references in the ehlpdhtm.js file that specify "blue" (or the hex equivalent). Can you give me any other recommendations on how to change the color from blue to something else? Thanks for your help with this and all the forum questions that you answer.



              - Beth


              var strMenu = "";
              if (gbBsNS4&&!gbBsNS6) {
              } else {
                strMenu = '<TABLE STYLE="border:2px outset white;" CELLSPACING=0';
                if (gbBsMac) {
                 strMenu += ' CELLPADDING=4';
                } else {
                 strMenu += ' CELLPADDING=2';
                strMenu += ' BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF>';