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        Thanks for the explanation ;-)


        I was able to fix the TCMText problem myself some hours ago before I read your answer. I found one specific hint inside the




        document on page 262: Reducing SWF file size with TLF text (CS5.5 only)

        Do not give any TLF text instances an instance name in the Properties panel. This means that the text cannot be manipluated with ActionScript.

        So that's what we have to do if we want to reduce our swf file size with TLF text. Flash CS5.5 will then internly use TCMText objects instead of the TLFTextField class. Good to know. What happens if we do give a TLF-text an instance name?
        --> Flash CS5.5 will then make use of the TLFTextField again. The TLFTextField inherits from Sprite, so we could to all kinds of animation we want to ;-)


        Problem solved.


        idratherbegolfing you nailed the solution right there in our 2) and 4) explanation. It's very nice that the adobe team were able to fix these memory leaks and reduce swf filesize issues with the new TLF in CS5.5. It might be good that TLF behaves different in CS5.5, but we developers need to know about these changes, so that we are able to change our expectations as well.


        Thanks again for sharing this information

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          I'm glad that was helpful for you!


          If you give an instance name to a TLF object, then Flash will put the object into the SWF as a TLFTextField object. That loses the performance, memory usage, and SWF size gains of TCMText, but it opens the door to complete control via your own AS code. So, it's a trade-off of features vs. performance/memory/and SWF size.


          Good luck with this.



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            Is there ANY way to GLOBALLY turn off TCMText? I need access to TLF Text fields - after embeding swf in another document. Assigning name to textfields one by one - this is insane....



            sorry for my English