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    Is my raid 0 setup fast enough?


      I am about to install CS5.5.  I'm taking the opportunity to take a look at aspects of my system, and have one question.


      My external raid0 drive is giving me an average read rate of 127mb/s.  Is this fairly good?  I'm mainly editing HD content - several layers.

      I know there's more to a systems performance than drive speed alone, but I thought I'd focus on this issue first.


      FWIW, this external raid is connected to a PCI card.


      Thanks in advance.



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          digitlman Level 1

          It depends on the Codec you are using, You could be using uncompressed 1080p and it would take the entire 130MB/sec speed of your raid for one stream, or you could be editing HDV footage at roughly 3.5MB/sec and be able to do many streams without an issue.  Your speed of 127MB/sec is probably on a single file stream which means it will be slower playing multiple files at once, I could take a wild guess and say it might get you 3 streams of 25MB/sec and play ok.


          You are likely to have more issues with your machine decoding the video then your drives keeping up. Though i must say 127MB/sec is slow for a raid0 by todays standards. most new drives read over 100MB/sec by themselves.


          obviously the simple test i do is stack several files in your timelime, shrink them down and spread them around, play it and see if premiere stutters, then keep adding layers until it does. I like to open task manager also and minimize it so you can see when your cpu cores max out at 100%. If your not at 100% cpu and your playback stutters then your drives are the issue, if you hit 100% cpu then that is the problem.


          good luck