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    can't package native installer on Linux with Flex SDK 4.5 : Invalid AIR file

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      We've moved our application to compile against the 4.5 SDK.

      We're compiling it with Flash Builder (on mac) into an air file and as our application is using NativeProcess API, we're packaging it on each platform into a native installer with the following command (linux example) : adt -package -target native app.deb app.air


      We think we fall into the same issue as http://forums.adobe.com/message/3271944#3271944 but for the 4.5 DSK.


      On Linux it used to work with the following environment (env1):

      - Ubuntu 10.10

      - Java Sun 1.6.0_24

      - Flex SDK + Adobe Air SDK 2.5.0


      It stops to work when we upgrade to the new Flex SDK (env2):

      - Ubuntu 10.10

      - Java Sun 1.6.0_24

      - Flex SDK (with the default embeded Adobe Air SDK 2.6)


      The faut message is "Invalid AIR file" and nothing is logged in the log file (/home/<username>/.appdata/Adobe/AIR/Logs/Install.log).


      1) The .air file is installing correctly on env2 (without the support of the NativeProcess as expected)


      2) We also tried to compile the project directly on env2 :

      amxml app.mxml

      adt -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore cert.p12 app.air app-app.xml air.swf

      The .air file is installing fine but the packaging into a native process fails in the same way...


      3) We tried to package a native installer of our .air file on env1 and it works!!! (the installed application seems to work fine also on env2!!!)



      Are we missing something or does it seems to be a bug of the Flex SDK 4.5?

      Are there some restrictions to package a native installer with the Flex SDK 4.1 a air app build with the Flex SDK 4.5 ?


      Thanks in advance,