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    Batch Process Export As and Save As JPEG Question?


      What is the method for creating scaled JPEGs from PNG files with batch processing (File | Batch Process...)?


      Application environment: Fireworks CS4.


      Using History panel, I manually captured instructions

      1. Modify | Transform | Numeric Transform (13%)
      2. Modify | Canvas | Fit Canvas
      3. File | Save As (JPEG)


      History panel's saved JavaScript file script:

      1. fw.getDocumentDOM().scaleSelection(0.11999999731779099, 0.11999999731779099, "autoTrimImages transformAttributes");
      2. fw.getDocumentDOM().setDocumentCanvasSizeToDocumentExtents(true);
      3. fw.saveDocumentAs(null, true);


      Running this sequence as a batch job requires manually selecting JPEG and "okaying"


      CS4 documentation for saveDocumentAs is defined with different argument list: fw.saveDocumentAs(document) .  CS4 documentation also has: fw.exportDocumentAs(document, fileURL, exportOptions) to export JPEG (80% quality).  CS4 feature File | Image Preview... | Export does not create a history record for guidance.  I cannot find an example of either instruction save a file to a local folder in JPEG format.  My objective is to add an additional batch step Rename (prefix) for the JPEG output, and script this a a batch process.