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    AME export is taking forever.


      Timeline is 1080 60, coming from CS5, and I'm exporting via AME to MPEG2 DVD.  It's an HDV movie, 2 hours and 7 min. in length.


      I started the export last night, and when I checked it this morning there were still "87 hours" left to complete export.  It had already been running for 9 hours at this point.  I've heard (and read posts) of extreme exports up to 20 or 30 hours, but this seems ridiculous, right?!  Or wrong?


      I did some color correction and some other minor fixes in the timeline, and I set to "maximum render quality" in the export in AME. . .but I thought I had plenty of computer for the job.  It's a mid-level editing setup: 16 GB RAM, Quad processor, 1TB storage capacity.  Any thoughts?