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    Totally confused about mixing videos with different field orders.

    Steve from NY Level 1

      I have PPcs5 on the pc.

      I edit for many different shooters. As such I get everything: Progressive, upper field , lower field . Not to mention from a zillion different cameras & different resolutions.


      I output 95% so far to dvd ntsc, 5% BR.


      I get dv tapes on some & HD files also.Many times I get a mixure of both on each job. Also Iphone HD files too. Going crazy trying to fiquer out how to set up my sequence when I have upper field  or progressive by themselves & also when they are mixed with lower field dv foot...Do I force everything into a lower field seq if going to dvd?


      Do I have to deinterlace anything?


      If I drag a clip to the new "create seq" icon, it will match the clips properties but is that correct if its a progressive only project or an Upper field project going out to dvd ntsc?


      Do I need to RT click on the clips in the project window & "interpet Footage" & force it into a lower field there 1st? Is there a difference between setting up a seq to be played on a progressive DVD player hdmi to a prog TV as apposed to setting up a seq for a non hdmi or non progressive tv?


      Does outputting to dvd automatically force it to lower field ?


      If my seq isnt set up correctly I notice a big interlace problem when the cams pan from side to side, especially when there are multiple cams with different field orders. Have been unable to find any good discussions or articles on the topic.


      How do you guys do it without going crazzzzzzzy?Are there rules? What are the rules? A rule book would really help:-)  I Yern for the old DVCAM/DV days:-)

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          DV is always lower and HD is upper or progressive.

          As you are having all fields in one timeline i would make it progressive.

          Premiere does a good job in deinterlacing.

          Only use Interprete footage when the footage is interprete wrong.

          Set up a progressive timeline and drop everything in it. If a clip does not behave correctly you can change fields in the Field Options.

          Export from Premiere and import into Encore. That is what i would do......