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    Long exposure light blur... HELP!

    fredoviolawoodstock Level 1

      Hi there, folks


      I've been given the task to create a project which will have hopefully motion textures like this:






      These are the works of a still artist.  I understand how they were created using a very long exposure and a combination of different lights and reflective surfaces.  I recently bought a Canon 5D and am up to the challenge of creating with this camera, but... I can't image I'll be able to get much motion.  I've seen commercials, actually several years ago, where people create words holding lights in the dark.  I seem to remember hearing that it was done using plugins, not actual photograhic processes.  Does anyone have any info on the ways I'd be able to create these kinds of effects?  Last resort would be a place to license previously created footage...


      Many thanks for your time!


      - Fredo