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      I don't know if this belongs here, encore or flash, but I'll start here . Having finished my project (11 min documentary-like piece) and burned onto a DVD, and not having a website, it occurred to me I'd like to send by email small versions to friends. It will have to be under 100 MB I think to send.


      So in Encore I made a flash swf file out of it, never having worked in this format before: setting it in Encore to Flash, F4V, 1280x720 high quality. That produced a very small file around 320 kb. It worked!! (very excited). BUT: it flickers (or shimmers, or whatever)--whenever the still images zoom or pan, and at other times as well, and with some of the video. Sometimes without zooming. What am I seeing, and how to correct it.


      I've never opened Flash but do have Production Premium 5.0.