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    Track 1 records on Track 2 - how do I stop this happening?

    SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional
      "I  recorded track one (music) in the multi-track. Then when I tried to  record track two as a separate vocal track, I found that it also  recorded the music with it at the same time. This keeps happening!! What  can I do?"


      Well, you're not alone. If you're using a  standard windows soundcard (essentially, ANY Soundblaster, SBLive or  compatible, Crystal Audio, ESS, Soundmax, or even some other cards from  Turtle Beach) the remedy is in changing the input/output settings in  your Windows Mixer. Here's how...


      In any version of Windows up to and including XP (*except Vista, apparently...) that you have:


      - Double-click on the yellow (or grey) speaker icon located on the lower right hand corner of your screen.


      - Select Options>Properties.


      - In the "Adjust Volume for" area, select 'Recording'.


      - This will show you all the devices you can record from, in the "Show the following volume controls" window.


      - Make sure all the devices have a check mark in them.


      - Click on OK.


      -  At the bottom of each recording device, there is a check box with  "Select" to the right of it. Use this to select the recording device  that you want - if you're recording from Line In, choose LINE. If you're  recording from Mic In, choose MIC, etc.


      - Make sure the recording Volume is at least half way up.


      - Minimize the "Recording Control" window.


      - You are ready to record.


      Now,  if you still have bleed, it's possible that you've either selected  something like 'WAVE' for your input device, or perhaps 'Mixed Output'  or 'What You Hear'. The latter settings essentially lump ALL audio fed  through the soundcard into Adobe Audition. The 'Wave' setting will do  exactly what is described above - cause the playback track to be  recorded with the overdub track.


      If you're using a more pro-level  card, chances are it has it's own mixer panel (and thus, is not  controlled by the Windows Mixer).


      Some cards that have their own  mixers: Midiman/M-Audio (Delta series, Audiophile, etc), Echo (Layla,  Mona, Gina, etc), Aardvark, Lynx, Frontier Designs, MOTU (828, 2408,  etc)...


      Adapted from an original post by Audition M.D.

      *Ask on the forum. This was changed after a user comment. Also if you have problems with Windows 7, ask a forum question too. When we get a definitive answer to the W7 issues, they'll be added here.