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    problem with m2t clip import into AE CS3


      I have footage that I need to use AE to stabilize, but something odd is happening on import. The footage is 24p/1080 HDV shot on a Canon XH-A1s, and I'm importing the native .m2t files into AE CS3. I have the AE project settings on 24 fps, but when I import the m2t clips, they shift to 44.96 fps for no apparent reason.


      If I open up the Interpret Footage box for the imported clip, it's clear that AE *thinks* the footage is 44.96 fps. When I then change the frame rate to 24 fps in the Interpret Footage box, it still doesn't get it quite right (e.g., a shot that is exactly 15s00f long now reads as 14s22f).


      I tried using 23.976 fps as the footage intepretation, but it didn't make a difference...not that I thought it would.


      Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance,