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    Need to Invert PDF document colors?


      If you are using Acrobat Professional on the Mac, it is a breeze:


      1.  Open the PDF of interest in Acrobat and select Document>Extract Pages

      2.  Check the box to create separate files of each page

      3.  Select a folder to place the extractions

      4.  Open Graphic Converter (if you do not own this shareware, shame on you)

      5.  Open File>Convert & Modify

      6.  Check "Use Batches" and Click on "Edit Batches", select Invert in the left hand panel and Save as an action in the Action folder

      7.  In the same dialogue box, on the Extractions side browse to your extractions, and on the Converted Files side, select a place to store your conversions (inversions, in this case)

      8.  Set the Dest. Format to PDF.

      9.  Press the "Go" button in the upper right and all the files will be converted in batch fashion


      To join the converted files open Acrobat Pro:


      1.  Open  File>Combine Files...  and use this dialogue to add to the list of files to be joined, reordering them as needed.

      2.  Click continue, then Save in the next dialogue box.


      The next time will be easier, but it takes about 2 minutes, max, to go through these steps.


      Comments welcome.