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    Chewing up my hard drive memory


      Hi guys


      I' really confused by this.  I have a C drive, E drive and K drive, also L drive when I plug in the video cam.


      My PrPro program is in C and I have clicked on K drive option (external hard drive) for working with all files when prompted.  I have heaps of space in my second hard drive E, around 1.5 TB but prefer to use the K drive anyway.  My VERY BIG problem is that for some reason whenever I do anything in PrPro a chunk of the C drive is taken away???   For example, all i did was make a couple of DVD's of my kids games (no editing) and for one of them I even clicked the don't save option and my memory went from 56.7GB to 36.7GB.  I'm afraid to do anything else or I'll loose all my C drive memory.


      Also please, is there a way of just simply making a straight out DVD from the camcorder without any editing, saving etc so that my memory remains intact?


      Thanks guys for any help