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    [Urgent]Please tell me if this project should be done in Flex or in Flash ActionScript ?



      I have a project and I need to know if I should do it using Flash Builder and Flex or just using Flash and ActionScript


      (I Know Nothing About Flash Builder And Flex)


      The project is:

      Mp3 Player

      - Streaming Mp3's

      - Ads inside each song

      - XML driven

      - skins and color themes for it

      - playlist

      - drag and drop from outside the player(from normal html)

      - Should communicate with Php files all the time for transferring ad Id's


      Now please let me know if this will be better done with ActionScript or Flex


      I'm also read in somewhere that the Flex empty file is about 200KB which made me a little scared to use it

      So can you please tell me what size do you expect for such a player (Assets will not be embedded)


      I need to tell my boss today my decision whether to use which one, So please help