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    Use Flex UI in a PS plugin

    poortip87 Level 1



      I am a relatively new user to Flex UI designing! Few days back, I thought of giving my PS plugins a Flex UI look! I searched the internet on some tutorials or guides, but there is very little information pertaining to that. The CS Extension Builder guide says that we can interact between Flex UI & a native application with the help of C++ PlugPlug library. There is a sample code in Illustrator SDK for the same by the name of FreeGrid (C++) & FreeGridUI(Flex UI) . But I couldn't find an equivalent in PS.


      On searching some more in this regard, I found that we can use the PlugPlug.h (& .cpp) with some changes into our C++ PS plugin code. I am stuck at this stage now. How do I go about from here??


      Guide me people..!!