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    Setting dataField of AdvancedDataGrid column with Dataprovider value through ActionScript

    anandbk Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      Can anyone plzzzzzzzzz help me in this regard.

      Its VERY URGENT.


      I have AdvancedDataGrid with id = icontent_sync_managecourses and it has column as Status with id = "syncStatus".


      Datagrid is supplied with a dataprovider.


      Now i have to set the dataField value of Status column through ActionScript.


      I tried with following code:


      override public function set data(value:Object):void {
                    super.data = value;


                icontent_sync_managecourses.columns[0].dataField = value.Status    //where Status is value in dataprovider.


                icontent_sync_managecourses.columns[0].visible = true;





      But it is not working.


      Can anyone HELP me in solving this issue with code.



      NOTE: I know we can directly assign the value from dataprovider into dataField. But i MUST do as i have mentioned.