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    PHP Connection in Flash Builder 4




      Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I could see nowhere else to ask this question.


      I am very, very new to Flash Builder (in fact, I am following a tutorial on building a data-centric application using Flash catalyst CS5 and Flash Builder 4).


      The problem I am having is that I cannot seem to validate the data connection in Flash Builder 4.


      For my project, I click "Connect to Data/Service" then select PHP. I select Flex Server and change the "Application Server Type" to PHP.


      The page I then get asks for a Web Root and Root URL. This is where I'm having problems. No matter what I type in these boxes, when clicking the "Validate Configuration", I get the error of "Cannot access the web server".


      I have Apache and PHP installed on this Windows 7 64-bit machine.


      The Web root folder for my site is actaully held on my D drive, so web root reads.. "D:\Web Files\Site".

      The URL for this local site is http://site.local


      I can browse to http://site.local in my browser and all is well. My site shows. I can even see this fine in Flash Builder's Internal web browser.


      I have tried moving the web root folder inside the default apache root htdocs folder, but get the same problem. I have even changed the permissions on all folders to allow full control, but this doesn't help.


      I really am starting to tear my hair out now. Can someone please help me? Am I doing something obviously wrong?


      Many Thanks

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          Filmzaddict Level 1

          Did you install apache / php / (optionally mysql) separately or in a bundle. I would suggest using xampp bundle, because it configures everything correctly along with installing a few helpful tools like phpmyadmin, etc. Great fast setup for testing purposes. Anyway... about the URL: I think the url you should be using is something like http://localhost/yourprojectfolder/...


          Presuming you have set up a project... and selected the option PHP at application server type you would then input (in my case, using the default xampp setup):


          Web root: C:\xampp\htdocs

          Root url: http://localhost

          Output folder: C:\xampp\htdocs\<projectname_here>-debug


          The url you d input in the browser to navigate to your project would then be: http://localhost/<projectname_here>-debug

          (no index.html at the end, provided your server is setup to serve this file automatically if it exists)



          Hope this helps!