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    Flash export problems

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      I am having problems with exporting my project from Captivate to Flash, meaning :

      • Some text gets gut off
      • Some elements are not showing at all ( rectangles, lines, anything I drew basically)
      • They are not editable in Flash - I would like a motion tween kind of solution, not the actionscript filled mumbo jumbo, because I don't have any interactive elements.


      What I want to do is add an animation(swf) that spans across all the slides, and not start it over on every slide ... I can't seem to find anther solution, but this Flash workaround ... which has its issues... also is it possibe to publish to an swf without having the motion controls, so it sould be like a movie ? Because then I could just publish it as an swf and import it like that into Flash, I don't need to edit a lot of things.


      Thank you in advance !

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          Only a small answer, not to all of your questions.


          You do not need to use the playbar, just leave it out. I never use the playbar, either the slides are just moving on or I will insert eventually navigation myself. It will then play like a movie. If I knew which version of Captivate you are using, I could show the work flow. You have to search for the skin editor.


          Drawing objects are not exported to Flash, why not create them in Flash itself?


          You could turn your animation into a video and then it can span slides if you insert it as slide video.


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            Pablo000000009 Level 1

            I am using CS5.


            I can't find the option to not import the playbar.


            Movie option occured to me but it occupies to much space, I actually need an animation that loops.


            Only solution I could find is to put it on the master slide but then it appears on top of my text captions.


            I uncheced the box with Master Slide elements on top, but still not working ...


            Is there any options I could make in flash to the background animation for it to show up as the background ?


            *If I could make it an swf movie with transparent backgorunds, that would solve my problem, I would just put the 2 swf's on top of each other in flash ...

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              OK you have been very helpfull, I managed to remove all the unecessary things ... but when I try to import the swf in flash it just freezes I'm thinking of cutting up my background animation to fit my slides