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    Classic tween automatically ads symbols in library (CS5)




      I have asked this question in another forum but haven't got an answer yet.

      I have just started using Flash CS5 recently and have a question about  the classic tween. I have noticed that when I make a classic tween Flash  automatically makes symbols out of my grouped objects.
      I have worked with previous versions and it was sufficient to just group my objects on the stage to make a tween.
      Is there a way to turn this feature off? I'm an animator and it's very  annoying and messy to make a symbol out of all the objects I want to  animate.


      When I add a tween (CS3) I always used the Properties panel and choose "motion" from the tween settings. This way there's no symbols added in the library. Just noticed that there are also tween symbols added if I add a tween  using right Mouse click or via the menu  Insert>Timeline>CreateMotionTween. Never used this before.

      But I can't seem to see any tween settings on the properties tab anymore in CS5.

      Does anybody know how to solve this? Thanks.