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    Does JavaScript do Touch up Text?




      I'm a newbie in JavaScript. I have a requirement to find a string and replace with another string in a pdf file. I can use Touch up Text tool to update the text. However, as I need to do this "find and replace" action number of times, I thought of using JavaScript. I want to know if JavaScript can replace the text in a pdf file. Could you let me know of any other alternatives, if JavaScript can't touch up the text in PDF? One alternative I have in my mind is hiding the old text through annotation and overwriting with the new text, using JavaScript. I'm not sure, if it's possible, though. Can I get a small program to do one of these two alternatives?


      Thank you very much.


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No, it can't replace the text. You need a plugin or an external application

          to do that.

          You can, however, remove the old text by redacting it, for example, or with

          a form field, and then place a text box on top with the new text, but if the

          length of the new text is different to that of the old text it might look a

          bit strange.