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    Two ereaders, which computers to authorize




      I have recently bought a Sony ereader, my wife already has one.


      I am not sure how to proceed with authorisations of computers and ereaders and would like some advice.


      1 What computers to use?

      2 What Adobe accounts to use?

      3 How to read books the other has bought?


      After reading the manual and some posts I still did not really understand DRM, DigEd, the Reader software, authorisations.


      So: should we both authorize and use the same computer with different Adobe accounts? Or will that lead to issues? Would it be smarter if one of us used another computer?


      Would it be smarter to just use one Adobe account to buy ebooks?

      Or is it much smarter to use 2?


      Can one computer deal with two ereaders?


      How can we read ebooks the other one has bought?


      Any advice appreciated!

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          It's hard to answer the questions because much of the answer will depend on

          your preferences.  Some basics will help you decide, I think.  Let me tackle

          them in a 'logical' (at least for me) order.


          Adobe Digital Editions is built to handle multiple computers and ereaders.

          You can have up to six devices using the same copy of ADE.  So, if you and

          your wife want to use just one copy of ADE, you can link both of your

          ereaders to it.  Keep in mind that ADE can establish more than one

          bookshelf, so each of you could have one for your own ebooks if you wanted

          to keep them separate.


          The way that ebooks work is both a productivity aid and a problem.  The

          publisher decides what digital rights to assign to an ebook.  For instance,

          (s)he may decide that you can copy the ebook to any device - or not, print

          it - or not, and so on.  ADE, and other electronic media software, must

          comply.  So, if the publisher says you can copy the material to any device,

          you can share that material between yourselves once it's been downloaded

          into ADE.


          You have to have registered with Adobe in order to activate a copy of ADE on

          your computer.  It's tied to your Adobe user ID, but as I indicate above,

          you don't have to have more than one Adobe user ID: both of you to use the

          same copy IF YOU WANT TO.  My wife likes to have her things separate, so

          she's got her own copy of ADE on her computer (has something to do with

          being afraid to use my computer).  BUT, both of our ereaders are set up on

          both of our computers, so we can access each other's libraries.


          Each ereader also requires that you register with their respective sites.

          When you do, your ereader will have its own user ID's, which ADE looks at

          when it interfaces with them.  When you get ready to interface them with

          ADE, you start by getting your computer to assign them drive letters - just

          like a thumb drive - and then bring up ADE.  If all is well, ADE will

          recognize the ereader automagically, and you're ready to proceed.


          So far - so good.  But there are decisions to make.  Each ereader store will

          interact with your ereader to allow you to buy and download ebooks and other

          ematerials.  You don't HAVE to download them from just one site, however.

          Adobe has some ebooks, but so do SONY, Borders, and a host of other sites

          like manybooks.com.  ADE has the ability to interface with all of those

          sites as well as public libraries and other sites that follow the DRM

          protocols.  So, it's versatile, but it does have some technical



          The key to making this work is to set up ADE first, then set up the ereaders

          separately.  Most of the time, you won't have a problem interfacing them to

          ADE.  If you do, then it's back here to the Forum with specific technical

          questions - and I'm sure you'll get good answers.


          I hope this helps!