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    "Unknown Flex Problem" - 'flash.filesystem:File' is undefined.

    pgpradeep Level 1



      I have written an AIR ActionScript Library project using SDK 4.0.

      I had written code for most AIR components in the library, everything was working fine.


      I then needed to add code for components like FileSystemComboBox, FileSystemDataGrid, FileSystemList, etc.


      For this, I added airglobal.swc and airframework.swc to the library project.


      I am getting the following errors:


      'flash.desktop:Icon' is undefined.   Unknown    Flex Problem

      'flash.events:FileListEvent' is undefined.    Unknown    Flex Problem

      'flash.filesystem:File' is undefined.   Unknown    Flex Problem


      Im guessing that the flash package is present in both playerglobal.swc and airglobal.swc and this is giving rise to the problem internally.


      Can someone tell me how to overcome this?