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    Yet another .avi import thread...


      I've been doing this for years, on all kinds of software, and I'm stumped.


      Old .avi files - GSpot says they are RAW l420 and no codec is required. PE9 will not import them.


      One is small, about a 10 minute clip, and I opened in in QT, File>Save, and PE9 imports it just fine when it's an .mov. The other is 2 hours, QT will only load the audio, and exports same, which PE9 accepts, but does me no good.


      So, after converting to .avi, .mov, and .wmv, I still can't get the 2 hour video to import. I've used QT, Nero, VLC, Movie Maker to try to make it save as something PE9 likes, but I can't find it. The closest I came was getting a VLC export out which VLC played as video only, and Nero played as audio only.


      Any ideas? Re-capping the original is not an option, this VHS tape walked years ago.