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    Hi Need help in Instaling Open Bluedragon

    newchickinCF Level 1
      Hi we do not have coldfusion hosting but looking to ad open bluedragon to host as it is open source.

      We are running into several problems. we tried installing Open Blue Dragon on IIS 7 and we came to following results. can someone please provide tips and documentation how we can do this:

      We are not facing any errors because there is not a guide or a method of making Open Blue Dragon work on IIS 7. Open Blue Dragon will run on windows but only on Jetty. Jetty will not interface with IIS 7 and we need cold fusion to work on IIS 7 for us to be able to provide it to our customers. We can't have it working on another web server because 1) the web server won't be running port 80 and 2) our control panel does not support a secondary, non IIS, web server.

      What we need is a guide on how to integrate it with IIS 7. Based on our research, its impossible.

      Please Guide us Experts