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    Flash Action Script: urgent help

      I have added following code on form submit button:

      on (release) {
      // send variables in form movieclip (the textfields)
      // to email PHP page which will send the mail
      form.loadVariables(" http://www.coolgirl.com//mailtofriend.html", "POST");

      Another this is that I have to pass the id along with this url. But i am not getting how to get id from my XML file.

      Structure of XML is as follows:

      <video file="video1.flv">
      <author>Bharati 1</author>
      <video file="video2.flv">
      <title>Incredible India</title>
      <author>Bharati 2</author>
      <commercial id="default">video1.flv</commercial>
      <commercial id="1">video1.flv</commercial>
      <commercial id="2">video2.flv</commercial>
      <commercial id="3">video3.flv</commercial>

      Urgent help required.