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    Wallaby and Flash Lite 1.1


      going on a limb here, but is it possible for Flash Lite 1.1 actionscript to communicate with iPhone/iPad? years ago in Japan, we were able to get Flash Lite 1.1 to converse with Japanese mobile devices.  If this is possible, what is the string to get to iPhone?

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          michael.orourke Community Member

          The only 'platform' that supports actionscript is Flash Player. Actionscript cannot run natively on anything else and definitely not on iPhone/iPad.


          You can write javascript which will work on iPhone and iPad. I suggest looking at the JQuery Mobile library.

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            MobileDesign Community Member

            ? Actionscript has run on Japanese devices natively. That is how i made screensavers with clocks, antenna, charging, and calendars for years after Flash Lite 1.1 was released in Japan... So i wanted to ask you about the possibility of this actually working or doing a work around.


            What i have found is that buttons work on the "hit" state. Obviously some action is happening when i press a simple button. If i place a duplicate of this button (2 buttons on the stage), if i press one, the other goes back to "up" position. If i press the other one again, it goes to "hit" position and the latter goes to "up" position.  Cant call this a bug at all cause something is happening.  And only stop(); works?  Why is this happening?


            Im so happy that you included just that basic action as i am having difficulty with Sencha Touch continuing its loop.

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              michael.orourke Community Member

              Ah, you are talking about 'generic' Actionscript (versus Actionscript which accesses Flash classes). Yes, such Actionscript can work as-is, or with minor modifications, as Javascript (especially AS2). We realize there is a great interest in retaining the Actionscript and are actively working in this area but it is more complex that the graphic conversions that Wallaby currently does.


              Since Wallaby doesn't retain button actions, your question about the buttons seems to be unrelated to Wallaby and maybe more of an HTML question. Is that correct? Maybe both buttons have the same id in the HTML content and so your javascript actions for the two are conflicting?

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                MobileDesign Community Member

                That is very good to hear.  I see myself reverting back to another software in publishing such animation for both Droid and iOS...its just not doing what i want it to do.  For Flash to publish for both devices, Adobe would have the upper-hand in creating the best animation (publish for Droid and iOS instead of just iOS).  Back in the old school days of Flash lite, there were publishing options for both Flash lite 1.0 and 1.1. Certainly adding Droid and iOS in publishing settings (connecting to Wallaby) would excel a lot of designers and promote the best experience for users.  right?


                about the buttons, yea... but i hate to learn another language when flash actionscipt can just do as well. bowing down to Apple and having already skilled actionscipters to use HTML5 standards would overwhelm us.  Its so simple as hell to make a simple button in flash...but we need to use the extra time to create, tweak and publish a button.


                I do hope that Adobe takes in consideration of designers like us giving feedback on this.  I am heavily working with mobile UI Design (8+ years in Tokyo and Seattle) trying to provide the best overall experience for the mobile users.  Mobile users and I dont give a rats *** about Adobe and Apple arguing about who should go by what standards. But if i were to choose, id say Adobe has the upper-hand in creating a publishing function for both Droid and iOS. also shows that Adobe would do anything for the user... would also show a good faith to Apple and that Adobe can create all sorts of great experience for users.



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