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    No option anymore for "editable fields" after starting ES2

    Ad11paper Level 1

      After my session in LiveCycle crashed

      during starting to work with Subforms I do not see anymore how to open a PDF Form with "editable field" to create a Form with variable text fieldsize which can positioned/flow on one or on two pages, depending on how much text data is inserted in the text field.

      The Object Subform is greyed out as soon as I open a created PDF form or file.

      If I start LiveCycle and  I am directly in the Menu with the Welcome Designer Gui, but no option anymore to select "editable ..." or fixed form"...  


      How to recover, I am using ES2 delivered with Acrobat Version X.


      O.K. I see that it is not possible to do this on a recently created PDF Form by the Live Cycle Designer. I have to start from scratch with a new PDF, then I have the choice for fixed or flowable form.