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    Alternative to Director

    fansoftmedia Level 1

      So I'm getting the feeling the Director is on it's last legs, and realize I need to move on.


      I'd like to move on to a development platform that can create desktop applications (and ability to create mobile apps is a big bonus!).
      I'd love if the learning curb was easy (especially when it comes to the required language to learn, platform interface).

      I'd also like to make sure there is some stability to the future of the platform.

      I'm hesitant to go to Adobe Flash/Air, since it's Adobe, and well -- you can see what has happened to Director.


      Any success stories on such a transition?



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          komtol Level 1

          look at the whole thread - I think the best one to the future of Director: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/838351

          given what has happened to Director, it is enormously stabile ?!

          Do you like mobile apps?

          Do you know Director at all and do you like it? The content is more important than the app ?

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            fansoftmedia Level 1

            I love Director. The problem is that Adobe doesn't. So it remains buggy, it doesn't evolve with the rest of the landscape (they do like one update every 3 years), and they give no guidance as to the what changes are coming (and most importantly WHEN). In short, they abandoned it.


            I'm basically looking to find an alternative that does everything Director does, but the opposite of what Adobe does now (as mentioned above).
            The only other suggestion I say on that link was RunRev: http://www.runrev.com/

            I guess I'm wondering if anyone on here has made the switch to that or any other platform, and how their experience has been.



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              Adam-C Level 2

              The only other suggestion I say on that link was RunRev: http://www.runrev.com/

              I guess I'm wondering if anyone on here has made the switch to that or any other platform, and how their experience has been.

              I love Director too - I am so frustrated, annoyed and saddened by the slow death Adobe are giving it. So like you I've been looking into alternatives - Flash and Air provide some scope, but can't be considered alternatives: Flash can't access the local file system, whilst Air needs to be installed to the local file system and can't run from removable media (or not as far as I can tell, anyway!). And, as you say, we Director developers have been so badly let down by Adobe that it becomes a significant factor when deciding what tools to invest time and money into in the future.


              So, I've been looking at RunRev too (or "LiveCode" as I believe they have recently renamed it), and have had the good fortune to talk to someone who took the plunge from Director to RunRev / LiveCode some time ago. From what I can tell the language is very close to Lingo's verbose syntax, and many built-in statements and keywords are the same. Indeed, it is so close to Lingo that I wouldn't be surprised if the development team behind RunRev / LiveCode is made up of the Director development team who Macromedia got rid of shortly before selling to Adobe (and whose loss has left Adobe all-at-sea in trying to make the product work properly).


              Where it differs (as I understand it) is that it isn't built around the concept of animation (which is where Director started out life), and so despite the lack of dot-syntax code, it is actually a very powerful coding platform, with features that take it way ahead of Director.


              Like Director, RunRev / LiveCode allows for "RAD" (Rapid Application Development), and the scripting language is non-compiled so, like Director, you can test and debug code "live" within the authoring environment.


              I'm going to be doing some deeper exploration of RunRev / LiveCode over the coming weeks and will endeavour to report back to the forum on what I find.

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                mdmoser Level 1

                Hype is a great tool and has a bright future. It has a very intuitive timeline for animations, similar to Director's:


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                  Luisa Klose Level 1

                  Thanks, fansoftmedia and Adam-C. I downloaded RunRev's LiveCode on your recommendations and I've been glued to it for much of the past day. The language is so much like Lingo (pre Director 7) and the paradigm is so easy to learn that I'm almost finished translating the calculator that I posted about recently in the Lingo Lounge. $499 for the LiveCode bundle I'm going to buy and $99 for the iOS developer fee and I'm on my way.


                  I would rather stick with Director, (I just spent about $550 to upgrade my Director 8 to 11.5), but it doesn't offer the publishing options I want, and I'm not going to hold my breath while Adobe decides what to do.

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                    miche_r Level 1

                    I tested LiveCode, but I guess it's not that good for my work. People who know more about Director alternatives, can you give me some comments & info?


                    Here's something about what I'm trying to achieve:

                    - company presentation

                    - about 600 "pages" including text with various format styles, images, videos & charts in swf

                    - 4-level menu structure

                    - links to external files (pdf, ppt, doc)

                    - page printing

                    - everything must be locally saved, so internet connection isn't required

                    - desktop version distributable in usb memory sticks

                    - desktop version must not require installation

                    - version for tablets & smartphones (iOS, Android)


                    Few years ago I did this presentation using Director MX 2004. In few months I should begin to update this presentation (probably with complete overhaul) and my client wants that the next version would be available for tablets and smartphones too.


                    I have some experience in Lingo, but I feel that LiveCode is too code-based for my needs. In this company presentation I haven't actually done that much Lingo coding, because it's mostly just some basic functions (jump to the marker, go to next/previous, etc).

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                      ps0 Level 1

                      Have you come up with an alternative?

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                        ps0 Level 1

                        Have you used Hype? It's organization looks remarkably similar to Director - is that the case? Are there examples of the types of projects it can/has been used for? Is it being used for interactive projects?


                        I'm going to try the trial version and am interested in whatever resources might be available. Thank you for any additional information.

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                          ronbird Level 1

                          Hi all.

                          I use Hype quite a bit, it is not a replacement for Director.

                          Hype is like a simplified version of HyperCard with little to no programming(though you can program if you must, but you really need to know what you are doing), all navigation options are offered by drop menu (not swipe). It does not do swipe very well, its ok on iPhone but not so well on Andriod. You have to delve into programming to get swipe to work and its not easy.

                          It is fine if what you want is fairly simple. It does not do conditional statements and as I use it for deveolpment only, I soon come to the limit of its interaction. However I can run the complied files on Android and circulate them via dropbox, it loads direct from dropbox. Great for feedback sessions. It is early days for Hype and it could develop into something good.

                          I'm also looking a Axure, this is also like HyperCard but offers more flexability than Hype (it does swipe as a prebuilt option) but even less of a visual building area  for designing transitions. I own it and have done some self training though I have yet to use Axure as a demo builder. It will compile for iPhone and Pad as an inbuilt option, but not for Android though I understand you can get it to preload but I have yet to do this. I hope to make a start on this next week.

                          Director I can almost make sing and dance, I did design a complete camera  interface using it, including the taking  of  pictures/video and viewing them in a gallery, there is no way I could ever get anywhere close with Hype or Axure. See www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xxLkJ3e_eo