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    Digital Editions on Mac

    Electrician 63

      I recently downloaded digital editions onto my MacBookPro, and thats where the problems started!


      I expect Abobe to produce software that works, this software is what I expect from MIcrosoft, i.e. very poor bug ridden fast to market trash.


      My version of digital editions constanly crashes all the time, I have sent countless reports to Apple and maybe they will force Adobe to do something.


      It crashes when I open a book, close a book, import a book, read a book or just randomly.  Furthermore when there is a hyperlink within an ePub I cannot open it (except for the first time I ever tried it, it has never worked again), sometimes a book is only partially imported, but mostly my concern is the crashing, with a Mac and software for a Mac, the sort of random and frequent crashes PC and Microsoft users accept as normal, simply does not happen, well at least until I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions!


      I must also make my feeling known about the Adobe website - attrotious - there is no easy way to find where to post feedback and you want to charge me £25 for phone support - get real, if you want people to use your less common products make it easy for them or they will go elsewhere! look after your customers.


      There is no suggestion that I will receive any feedback on this problem and I will not pay £25 for something that should be free.


      My suggestion is that you pay Apple to develop your products for the Apple platforms, Apple are supremely good at software for their products, they simply get it right every time and they set the standard for hardware and supporting software that everyone else should (but sadly does not) aspire to rather than wallow in the subterrainian depths of utter contempt where Microsoft are the world leaders in being happy.


      Adobe, sort this out, and do it fast or people will go elsewhere for their software needs, starting with me !!


      A very disappointed consumer, but no for much longer with Adobe!


      I will be posting my thoughts on other forums so I would suggest you sort this out soon, and feel free to contact me ASAP, if only to let me know you have read this and are aware of this problem with Digital Editions for Mac.


      Electrician 63

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          You will get feedback here - and you might not like what you hear....


          I share your pain (look at my forum ID) - except there are thousands of ADE

          users whose versions don't crash and burn on either MAC or PC.  It's not

          trash software: it's most likely that something is wrong with the way it's

          installed on your MAC.


          The usual questions:  Do you know you have the latest version of ADE?  Did

          you have any issues with its installation that were reported by the XXX

          Leopard software?  Have you checked Adobe's website and ADE HELP for known



          Next, while you might not like what I said, you have other epublishing

          software available to you: Bluefire and Overdrive are mentioned quite

          frequently on the forum as a way for MAC users.  If I were you, and I didn't

          want to spend any more time with ADE, I'd erase it and go try one of

          those.... It would keep the bile from rising!