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    Audio level higher than needed after encoding

    Igor Igorevich



      I'm editing a film.


      Voice over level is set to maximum for most part of it. It sounds as it supposed to sound after encoding.


      There are several parts of the film that are supposed to be quiet. They are set as quiet on the timeline and do sound quiet during preview playback.


      The problem is after I export the film to mpeg (I've also tried many other formats) the sound level in those quiet parts is automatically raised to very high. Those pieces sound almost as loud as the voice over. Looks like Premiere or Media Encoder have some automated audio level normalization or something like this.


      I've tried to find encoding settings that are perhaps responsible for that, and I've also looked up for a solution on Adobe forums -- but I couldn't find anythind appropriate.


      I'm using Premiere CS5 on a PC.


      Thanks in advance!




      This man seems to have the same issue: http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/3/906064