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    Reader 9 and X won't play slideshow background music


      I have been using Reader 8 satisfactorily, for years, to play slideshows I have made, over many years, using Adobe Album 2.0... admittedly an old program... perhaps 10 years old. Typically I have installed background music in my slideshows. Reader 8 never hesitates to play the slideshows and the music, like a champ.


      Two years ago I installed Reader 9 and had to reverse that installation back to version 8, because Reader 9 wouldn't play the background music.


      Today I installed Reader X, in the hope that it would play the background music, but this was not the case.


      I have verified the presence of Quicktime n my computer, and changed preferences in Reader X to play sounds using Quicktime.  I checked a box that was unchecked, that says to play embedded music.  (Adobe Reader X, Edit, Preferences, Multimedia (Legacy)).


      Can anyone vouch for Adobe Reader X's abilty to play slideshow music?


      Any help appreciated.  I'd like to adopt Reader X, but I also want my music to play.  Can I re-compile those slideshows, somehow?



      Using Windows XP Home + sp3